Ferrari-LogoFerrari 212 Inter Coupé (1951)

Designer: Giovanni Michelotti, Torino (I)

coachbuilder: Swiss Ferrari concessionaire Carrosserie Ghia S.A., Aigle (CH)

s/n 0187 EL (1951)

The chassis number of this car was unidentified until at least 2006: “Body probably once fitted on s/n 0137 E or 0195 EL” (Massini 1993b); “The chassis number of this car remained unidentified, though it may be reasonable to suggest it was a first version that was considered unsatisfactory.” (Anselmi & Massini 2006).

Chassis number 0187 EL was previously considered as an 212 Inter coupé “by unknown coachbuilder” (Massini 1993b: p. 60), by Carrozzeria Ghia, Torino (I) (de Boer 1994), or by Carrozzeria Vignale (Massini 1990: p. 39, Urban 2007).

1951 owner Karl Forster (Ferrari dealer), Zürich (CH) (barchetta.cc; 25/10/2010 Marcel Massini at ferrarichat.com)

1951? Front A: wo tone colour scheme (yellow/black or white/black?), head lights in front grille, short sill strips (not on front fenders)

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The front shows similarities with Giovanni Michelotti´s later Ferrari 212 Inter Vignale Coupés 0179 EL (1951; Prunet 1980: p. 59, wrongly labeled with s/n 0193 EL; Massini 1993a: p. 120), 0197 EL (1952; cf. Prunet 1980: p. 59, Massini 1993a: p. 126) and 0211 EL (1952; cf. Prunet 1980: p. 59, Massini 1993a: p. 132)

1952 Front B: head lights in front fenders, front bumperettes like rear, long sill strips, singlecoloured paintwork
photos with Swiss dealer license plate ZH 279 (most likely by Karl Forster) by Adriano Cimarosti, Frauenkappelen (CH)
16.7.1952 test drive in Automobil Revue (no. 31: p. 11)

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